A millenium had passed after the Jews were chosen by their god Yaweh under their patriarch Abraham and our great knower of the universe, our true god, Vizuthar (known also as Belzebub or Vishnu-Zeus-Thor) instructed our great masonic, gnostic and syncretistic Aryan religion on the mountain of Harapa (known also as Olympus, Valhahla, or the Tower of Babel) in fully understanding the universe without any constraints or mysteries. The Jews pretend to be like us but we know that those who are not Aryans can only be Barbarians.

Firstly we teach that power is all-important - only power matters, and only those who brutally attain power deserve to have it. Morality, like mystery, is a falsehood which allows the Jews and their god to control us. Power and wealth must be concentrated to produce greatness. Only the ruler must have them. If paupers have power or wealth, they will think they can rule. Tell them the great power is preventing their neighbors from becoming wealthy and they will gladly sacrifice their own wealth to satisfy their jealousy. In the name of envy, they will keep their brothers poor and powerless so that the ruler may concentrate power. For this purpose, the ruler must hide his very existence, so that his subjects will continuously divide and squander their resources fighting one another. And in those rare occassions when they must actually see those really ruling them, they will think the rulers are great saviors and will let them have their way even with their wives. If the rulers are ever suspected, instead blame the Jews and if that fails, blame the Christian puppets of the Jews.

And so, poverty must be maintained at all costs, using jealousy. If people have something to eat, they will seek a house, then a family, then they will seek something so preposterous as a community, then eventually they will be so spoiled that they will expect the community to treat them fairly. But if they do not have to eat, they will eat their brothers and be infinitely more governable. It is for this reason that there can be no property except for the property of the state, for we all belong to Belzebub, who is of this world, unlike the pretensious and imaginary deity of the Hebrews. Instead of an imaginary deity, we will give these subjects imaginary possessions and theoretical abstractions, so that their only real possession shall be their own death, which they will therefore prize and seek out in the great way of the ancient Spartans. Even the land they live on will not be their own, and they will instead rely on imaginary instruments of ownership, revokable at the will and credit of the rulers. So let there be magnificent amphitheaters with spectacles of their imaginary ideals and also of the magnificence of death, so that these subjects will live inside their minds instead of the reality of Belzebub and this world, which we rulers shall instead keep to ourselves. In this way all government shall be of men, but only of our supreme men, and not of these silly metaphysical laws. For if enought people do not die for their imaginary worlds, we would be allowing them to squander the precious real worldly resources that Belzebub has conferred upon us. If possible, even the food they eat must be largely imaginary. The possessions to be trusted the least are armaments, for armaments can be used to revolt and resist. Instead they must be trained to kill one another, so even in their recreations they may reduce those competing for the resources Belzebub has entrusted to the rulers. For this reason we have created masonry, disguised even as an instrument of the Yaweh's Jews, to overthrow these monotheistic religions which worship the Yaweh imaginations, and to return them to the worship of Vishnu, Zeus, Thor and other manifestations of Belzebub. In this way, when men learn to travel to the stars, we will be able to tell them the rulers and even Belzebub himself were superior beings from the stars who travelled to earth to unlock them from the superstitions of Yaweh.

No law or precedent should ever be allowed to exist, for this would give the subjects a false security which will spoil them and make them want more. Instead, the terror of the real world must be totally unpredictable and capriciously harsh so they will explain it with ridiculous abstractions that will make them even more pliant and likely to kill each other for imaginary jealousies and trespasses. For this, we must use any and all sorts of natural substances which intoxicate and confuse them, even attach religious significance to these substances and the imaginations they produce. Care should be taken that these imaginations do not resemble or follow any of the Judaic precepts of Yaweh, however. Wherever possible punishment must be administered by the young, for the young are well-known to be more brutal and devoid of feelings. And they should never be given enough free time to think for themselves, to have dissent, protestantism, or sectarianisation if said does not fulfill the purpose of Belzebub. Moreover, they should not even be allowed to compare their beliefs with one another in great detail, because should they be able to apply reason, they may seditiously see the real rulers in existence. For this reason, only imaginary and untrue beliefs must be allowed and the freedom of real education must be only for the rulers. Societies must be therefore infinitely fragmented.

Glory be to Belzebub the Great Knower of All Things who rebelled from the foolishness and abstractions of Yaweh.

Harry Pappas, Grand Master.
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