Hi, I'm Harry Abe Pappas. I'm the Grand Master of the Order of Harappa. My dad was the famous Greek, Avram Pappas of the Capnodohian Finer Miner Diner. I dropped the Abe because folks said I looked like an Ape. My name is really Haritrypalakatos Pepitrahilitrihas, but that's a mouthful. Anyway, welcome to our Great Lodge. Harappa is a great place up in the Himalayas where all the Fun Aryan Hearsays began. Please don't confuse me with my albino cousin Harry Pooparse of the Cottonelle Labs. Accept no substitutes, don't go confusing us with our Russian or Squirrel imitators. And stay away from these religious right nuts., Or the Greconazi brother and sister, Or the Junkie Poodle!
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